Bramble is often a Runeword ordinarily considered being a viable possibility for the precise build: Necromancers who use d2 items .


Human body Armor with 4 sockets

Runes (to be able): Ral + Ohm + Sur + Eth

The Stats:

Level Needed: sixty one

Amount 15-21 Thorns Aura When Geared up

+50% Quicker Strike Restoration

+25-50% To Poison Skill Damage

+300 Protection

Raise Maximum Mana 5%

Regenerate Mana 15%

+5% To Greatest Chilly Resist

Fire Resist +30%

Poison Resist +100%

+13 Everyday living Following Just about every Eliminate

Amount thirteen Spirit of Barbs (33 Fees)

Level 15-21 Thorns Aura When Geared up

Thorns has become the Paladin’s Offensive Auras. Any monster that causes melee harm to possibly you, your minions, or any of your occasion customers inside of the selection of the Thorns Aura, will likely have that harm returned to them a number of folds.

The Necromancer who’s got minions will advantage from this Aura, nonetheless it would only be effective with Golem or Revives, as Skeletons die much too effortlessly, specifically in Nightmare or Hell Difficulties.

It’d surface for being good mod at first, though the injury returned because of the Thorns Aura is modest when compared with the disproportionately great amount of hit details possessed by the monsters in Nightmare and Hell Issues.

+50% More rapidly Strike Recovery

+50% FHR is massive, and great for melee fighters who require more percent FHR to break their target breakpoint.

The more More quickly Strike Restoration % your character has, the more quickly he/she should be able to break out of the stun animation when they get hit. The faster your figures recovers from an assault, the more rapidly they can retaliate (or operate away).

+25-50% To Poison Ability Injury

Necromancers utilizing Poison Nova contemplate this mod the primary attraction behind the Bramble Runeword. The only disadvantage to this mod for them is the fact the bonus spawns with pretty a variable worth, with near-perfects (45% and previously mentioned) becoming incredibly desired with the group.

Boost Optimum Mana 5%

Regenerate Mana 15%

Sorceresses can set factors into Heat, a fireplace Skill that enhances their Mana restoration price., Sad to say Necromancers would not have the same ability, but this can be rectified by mods for example Regenerate Mana, which may go rather a tips on how to aiding them get well Mana promptly to make sure that they might unleash far more Poison Novas upon the denizens of Hell.

+5% To Most Cold Resist

The default greatest for Resistances is 75%. Specified exclusive products (like while using the Bramble Runeword) can increase the utmost Resistance up to 95%.

Fireplace Resist +30%

Poison Resist +100%

The Bramble Runeword gives a healthier strengthen to fire Resistance, as well as a whopping +100% to Poison Resistance. Sporting system armor while using the Bramble Runeword, Poison Nova Necromancers would want just a tiny Poison Resistance improve from other items to max out this Resistance.


Bramble will not present a great deal to most lessons and builds, apart from perhaps the huge enhance to Poison Resistance. For Poison Nova Necromancers, on the other hand, this is a feasible selection for them to contemplate.